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The Marshall Plan: Finding the Right E-Commerce Sales Strategy

(August/September 2018) posted on Thu Sep 27, 2018

In this online world, an informative, user-friendly website (and store) is more important than ever.

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By Marshall Atkinson

But here’s the kicker: Only one percent of the people in the community create the content. If you want to have more of that select audience involved in your e-commerce sales platform, all you need to do is to create the content. That drives the engagement that you need for your potential customers to know, like, or trust you enough to buy something from you.

By content, I don’t mean a newsletter about your big sale. Nobody cares about that. And if you constantly run sales, you’ll only teach your customers to wait a bit for that discount. Focus on creating an interesting blog post: perhaps your grandmother’s gumbo recipe, a funny video, or photos that people can relate to.

You want to create subject matter that people in your 

targeted community will identify with – something they love and crave so much that they look for more. Inside of those posts is where you plug your merchandise. When it’s authentic and handled well, your effort will align with sales.

Your posts can be information driven, but they can also be goofy or funny – even geeky or a bit nerdy. Just be sure they’re on target with your brand message at all times.

Get Ranked

One of the biggest factors in a successful e-commerce strategy is a decent Google ranking. If your content is driving people to your site, it will boost your ranking with Google, driving still more traffic and selling opportunities.  

How do I know this? Well, it’s what I’ve been working on for years. If you Google “T-shirt shop consultant,” you’ll find that 50,400,000 search results come back. Of those, I’m the only actual T-shirt shop consultant on the first page. I’m not paying Google anything, so how did it happen? 

Through content. My focus is helping shops, and I’ve been blogging about it for years. I know this approach works because it has helped me to succeed. It can help you, too. All it takes is consistently providing content that Google sees as worthy in its ranking algorithm. 


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