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UV Inkjet Printers Face Modern Challenges

(October 2011) posted on Tue Nov 22, 2011

UV inkjet printers have proven themselves capable of handling many types of graphics projects. Some are easy and routine; others take a bit of daring and creativity.

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By Gail Flower

Holland & Crosby first invested in a UV inkjet printer in October of 2004. At present, the company has an Inca Onset S70, an Inca Onset S20, and a Durst Rho 320R. Having three UV inkjet printers allows the company to increase its speed to market, realize greater efficiency, and lower costs for customers.
Holland & Crosby used this combination of flatbed and roll-to-roll digital presses to produce three-dimensional locker images within a tight timeline for Foot Locker Canada’s Back to School program. The window display was designed to look like a locker and attach to an pole system at retail locations (Figure 7). By building a full-size prototype of the locker and using digital technology to print the piece, Holland & Crosby was able to show the client an accurate sample beforehand.

Once the prototype was approved, the company had four business days to produce, cut, assemble, pack, and ship the units. Scott Holland estimates that were it not for the digital presses, the breaks in the print run for language changes would have made the project a tall task to complete.

Deluxe Design, Inc.
Rio Rancho, NM
Norman C. Ruth, VP

Deluxe Design invested in a Roland LEJ-640 in May of 2011. It was the company’s first foray into digital printing. Deluxe needed the ability to print directly on flexible and rigid media in full color with variable data in as few production steps as possible.

Being new to the process they didn’t know really what to expect, and that may have been an advantage. One recent involved printing on a new substrate: guitar pick-guard material from IPI Plastics in multiple passes to build up clear layers.

“To prevent misregistration on the backside print, we designed the graphics as a step/repeat pattern,” Norman Ruth explains. The results are giant picks that feature colorful, 3-D structures (Figure 8).

Temple Hills, MD
Keith Pritchard, president

Timsco handles an array of digital and screen-printed advertising for mass-transit authorities, financial and government institutions, P-O-P, and trade-show displays. The company invested in UV inkjet technology in 2005.


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