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Watch for Ongoing Improvements in DTG Inks

(June/July 2018) posted on Mon Aug 27, 2018

The markets for DTG printers are growing, thanks to changes in apparel retailing, new inks, better RIPs, easier-to-use printers, and ready-to-print DTG garments.

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By Eileen Fritsch

When independent artists and designers have generated enough business, they can buy a Ri 100 DTG printer to handle orders for shirts on light-colored garments and send orders for dark-colored garments to shops in the AnaJet Fulfillment Network. 

 The 4-color Ricoh Ri 100 is designed for environments that aren’t typically dedicated to print. The compact machine can be transported to events or mall kiosks for on-demand printing; an enclosed heating system removes wrinkles from the garment and cures the ink. Courtesy of Ricoh.

Direct Color Systems 
Direct Color Systems has developed DCS Multisolve UV-Stable IRF6(T) ink for a patent-pending T-shirt printing technology that uses UV LED inks instead of water-based textile pigment inks. At the 2018 ISA Sign Expo, DCS demonstrated that DCS IRF6(T) UV-LED inks on their Direct Jet UVMVP and 1800z printers can adhere to all types of T-shirts, including 100-percent cotton, cotton blends, synthetics, and 100-percent polyester – without chemical pretreatments. The only time a “pretreatment” is needed is when a white underbase is being printed. Then, the T-shirt should be sprayed with distilled water first. The printed inks stretch with the garment and resist fading, even after multiple washes. 

Another benefit of printing T-shirts with a DCS UV-LED printer is that the same device can print on rigid items, too, such as smartphone cases and sign blanks.

Innobella Textile Inks for Brother’s new GTX Printer are designed to print a wider color gamut with bolder, more vibrant colors. Innobella Textile inks are formulated to resist chemicals found in typical laundry detergents and withstand being scraped by zippers and buttons. Garments printed with Innobella Textile Inks scored 4.0 or higher on AATCC wash tests. The inks are sold in replaceable pouches that use less plastic and create less waste.  

 Brother DTG’s new GTX printer features three times the number of nozzles as the company’s previous model, leveraging Innobella Textile water-based pigment inks engineered to deliver a wider color gamut. Courtesy of Brother.


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