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What Printers Think About RIP Software

(July 2012) posted on Tue Jul 10, 2012

Learn what RIP software can do for screen and digital printers.

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By Dan Naumovich

When a new technology is introduced into an industry, there is usually a small band of innovators who hop on board first. They invest their time and money in hopes of leveraging it to improve productivity and gain a competitive advantage. Over time, as the technology becomes increasingly accepted in the industry, the competitive advantage largely disappears and new users must adopt it simply to keep pace. As an example of this, Mark Bagley—a consultant and owner of Digital Marketing Solutions in Orlando, FL— believes that RIP software is currently in that life cycle stage where screen printers need to have it simply to exist.
“The screen printers who are have been in business for more than a couple of years are being forced to bring on more technology that will allow them to compete with direct-to-digital market. New screen printers may still limit themselves to printing one or two colors, but in time it will make it tougher to survive. After that, they start to look into RIP software,” he says.
A generation ago, a small mom-and-pop shop could get by simply offering simple one- or two-color prints. With the rise of the digital age, artists and consumers have become aware of the options available online for customized, limited run products that feature multiple colors and even photo reproduction. When they visit their local screen printer, they’re expecting similar quality and price points. RIP software is a critical tool towards achieving that capability using affordable inkjet printers.


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