Wide-Format Cutters

Mutoh America

Mutoh America (www.mutoh.com) now offers its Kona Cutters in 30-, 54-, and 65-in. (762-, 1372-, 1651-mm) models. The line includes a full-color, 3.5-in. (89-mm) LCD touchscreen with multi-language capability. Mutoh reports that the Kona Cutters have a dual-roll support system, a standard media-support roller that allows for trouble-free vinyl handling while ensuring perfect tracking, and an optional roll-off system for contactless loading of pre-printed rolls. The Kona Cutters have a laser-based optical sensor for automatic job recognition and alignment of contour and cut-through data. The Kona 760 is equipped with two pressure rollers, and the 1400 and 1650 are equipped with three. The cutting force is adjustable from 20-450 g, and cutting speed is adjustable up to 1000 mm/s at a maximum acceleration of 3 G, enabling a cutting speed up to 55.6 in/sec (1414 mm/s) and an acceleration of 4.2 G in diagonal movements.

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