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Wireless Data Loggers

(October 2006) posted on Thu Oct 12, 2006


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If inventory spoilage is a problem in your shop, you may be able to stop the losses with Dickson’s new wireless data loggers for monitoring temperature and humidity. They’re available in two models. Model D251 is a self-contained temperature sensor that operates in a range of -20 to 120 °F (-28 to 48 °C). Model D250 is a self-contained temperature/humidity sensor that operates in the same temperature range as the D251 and in a humidity range of 0-100% RH. Your PC can be used to record and monitor temperature/humidity from up to 200 remote sensors at 15-min intervals. Logged data are automatically stored on the PC. Alarm conditions are displayed on the PC, and graphs and tables can be generated and exported for analysis. Dickson, 930 S. Westwood Ave., Addison, IL 60101, 800-757-3747, fax: 800-676-0498, Web:


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