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  • Coudray describes techniques you can use to overcome resolution, color, image-quality, and file-format issues.
  • Learn how to print these inks through garments to produce images with a totally unique appearance.
  • Create a larger and more immediate impact on the bottom line by focusing on optimizing your current processes and procedures.
  • Learn about the intricacies of direct-projection exposure systems, how to keep your mesh from deteriorating, and the secrets of pad printing on inflatable objects.
  • Learn about product life cycles and how they relate to successful sales and longevity for your products.
  • Learn about the most common business-ethics violations, then take a quiz to see how ethical you really are.
  • Learn how to give your garments a weathered appearance by employing a specialty washing program after they've been printed.
  • David considers the recent history of water-based inks and dispels some of the myths about working with these formulations.