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Kinds of Real Esate Agents

While searching for Cuenca, Ecuador's real estate you should see to it that whatever agent you are about to hire, he must be both professional and experienced. The reason is that not getting the services of a professional real estate agent can be a complete disaster for you both as a buyer and a seller. As a buyer you may invest in a home which is cheeper then you what  price you have baught it for and as a seller you may sell your property at a much lower price then its real market value, hence to prevent issue as mentioned one muct get the services of the prefect real estate agent.

Kinds of Cuenca, Ecuador's real estate agents:

There are many kinds or types of agents available in the market each one with his or her own expertise and class, hence it is very important that you must have some fair information about these agents, each kind of agent is discussed below

  1. The first kind is the buyers agent, as the word gives the impression it is the agent who actually represents the buyer’s case
  2. The second type is the seller agent, again as the name suggests this type of agent represents the selling party
  3. The third type is the dual agent, though this practice is not commonly seen however such type of agent simaltanously represent both the buyer and the seller
  4. The foruth type is eco brokers who are experts as far as sustaianlble real estate is concerned

These were some of the major Cuenca, Ecuador's real estate agent types, however before going for the agent make sure that you interview them and you must also see how does he communicate, what is his reputation in the market?


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