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Westborough, MA, 1581

SI-CAL manufactures heat transfer decals designed to be long lasting, weather resistant, and of the highest quality. We offer these heat transfer labels as an alternative to other common forms of decorating because our format presents some unique advantages.
Transfers multiple colors in one hit.
Consistent and highest quality image.
SI-CAL decals will adhere to a wide range of substrates and materials.
Accurate image transfer means less wasted parts and a better looking finished product.
Cost effective for product runs as small as 1000.
From your design to delivery of finished decals in less than 3 weeks.
Works with standard hot stamp machines.
A "non-wet", environmentally safe transfer. You receive "dry" rolls of decals that are ready to transfer.
Minimal training is needed to do the actual decorating of your part.
Complete technical assistance for every stage of the process.
We can transfer our decals on many different materials. Our product is most often used with thermoplastics, however, SI-CAL decals also perform well on wood, leather, nylon, rubber, and painted metal. The SI-CAL process allows us to match ink/carrier combinations for superb adhesion on just about any material you can send us! Let us examine your decorating needs to see if we can design a product for you


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