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Looking for lg format SP equipment dealers

Posted on Tue, 8 Aug 2006 at 16:17

We are introducing the TMI screenprinting equipment line to North America and are looking for independent dealers in protected geographic areas in the USA and eastern Canada.

This equipment is excellent for the growing shop who want to print large format (3'x4' up to 5'x16') and is simple, robust, and versatile. Perfect for election signs, banners, glass, metal, sheet plastic or other materials. Jaguar model parallel lift presses take the effort out of handprinting large materials and feature micro register, footswitch lift control, pressure controls of squeegee, and optional automation of the print head.
We also have UV dryers in all sizes and exposing systems for small or large screens.
All machines are competitively priced and we offer attractive dealer commissions and full marketing support.
Look for new equipment to be added in the future.

We believe there is still a place for humans in screenprinting. Automatics are not the answer for every screenprinting operation. Look at TMI for alternative affordable solutions.

See us at Booth 1172 in Vegas.

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