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Opinions on SGIA 08 show?

Posted on Mon, 20 Oct 2008 at 10:05

We spent an enjoyable week in Atlanta at the show. It was great to see old friends and meet some new ones, and we sure had fun at the hockey game on thurs, as did over 100 guests of TMI Screenprinting and the Atlanta Thrashers hockey club, through our discount voucher promotion. Southern hospitality is alive and well, the people of Atlanta were great.

Our ASPT meeting was a hoot, proving once again that screenprinters are indeed funny people. Is it the fumes? Who knows? The new chair, Alex Zuckerman from Fimor, is bringing forward 2 excellent projects which you will hear about in the future. A fitting tribute to outgoing chair Don Marsden provoked much laughter and applause. We saw some examples of a new book on the history of screenprinting that will be published soon in Germany, and also an example of a screenprinting promotional piece published by FESPA which very clearly documents the amazing array of special effects that can be produced using screenprinting. This is something that should be replicated on this side of the Atlantic and put in the hands of every advertising and design firm in North America.

Suggestion to SGIA - maybe it's time to pay some attention and put some promotion behind the process that the organization was built upon and continues to collect major dues from. Investing in a promotional book like this would pay incredible dividends for the members and educate and stimulate print buyers.

As an exhibitor and screenprinter, I was once again disappointed at the representation of screenprinters and the lack of equipment on display, but I know exactly why we didn't bring equipment this year - the cost of shipping and setup has gotten way out of hand. Something needs to be done if SGIA expects to keep the screen exhibitors coming back. If you lose the exhibitors and their equipment, you also lose the attendees.

Think very seriously about that - I have no way of knowing, but I am going to venture a guess that the membership of SGIA is still made up of more screenprinters than digital printers. We wouldn't know that looking at the exhibitors, and we wouldn't know that looking at the seminars - I think there was one seminar for graphic screenprinting this year.

I guess if the goal is to convert the industry to digital print technology, SGIA is doing an excellent job.

What do others think?

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