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screen-print cheaper rate in Malaysia.

Posted on Thu, 6 May 2004 at 18:12

For simulate process color printing job on darkshirt : maximum artwork size A3.

4 to 6 color screen-print ( One-Sided ): USD 0.90 cents per shirts x any quantity.
Additional color print ( other side ): USD 0.20 cents per color screen-print.

Blank T-Shirt 100% Cotton ( Black color ) : Any sizes S,M,L,XL : USD2.50 per pc.
Shipment by customers : UPS/DHL/Others.
You may supply your FILM positive, if you wish.....or....

We do screen exposing/burning for you at these rate :
You provide the artwork OR design and we do ...... the ONE-FILM exposure technique.

Direct Screen-stencils Color Separation with ONE-FILM Technology :USD10.00 per stretched screen mesh x quantity of color. 6 color stretched 'n' expose : USD60.00.

NOTE: ONE-FILM Technology are a new technique in screen making, invented by Mr. Amer Surealy ( ASIA's No.1 T-shirt Master @ the adopt son of Scott Fresener ). FASTFILM are totally different from ONE-FILM technology.FASTFILM use more than single piece of film ( 4,5,6,7,8.9 piece or more ) to separate colors. ONE-FILM only use a single piece (JUST ONE PIECE....ONLY ONE PIECE ) of halftone film to separate colors INSTANTLY and DIRECTLY on emulsion coated screen mesh.

Caution & Repeat : Separate colors INSTANTLY and DIRECTLY on emulsion coated screen mesh without computer scanner and color separation software. This is a NEW TECHNOLOGY. BELIEVE IT OR NOT.......UNTIL YOU SEE IT BY YOURSELF. IT WORKS and had been invented in Malaysia since 1994 by Amer Surealy.

We screen-print T-Shirts with our very own Made in Malaysia PERFECT REGISTRATION Rotary Printer design and built by AMERSCREINT ( AMER-I-CAN SCREen prINT ) Hand-made/built by Amer Surealy.

For inquiry, contact :

Andrew Richmore at

Location of Opportunity or Item

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