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Who is Amer Surealy

Posted on Wed, 12 May 2004 at 19:42

That's the question. I understand that you are really excited about Amer Surealy. Amer Surealy is a genious. Amer Surealy makes really cool films. Amer Surealy is the hippest, hottest screenprinter today.

I have one question, who really is Amer Surealy.

I've read post after post and still don't understand this one film screen or whatever technology. Why would anyone want to spend money on something they know nothing about. If this Amer Surealy is so famous for doing what he does, then why when you enter "Amer Surealy" (in quotes) into Google, you get nothing?

Oh Amer Surealy, why do you vex me so? Why oh why oh why?

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