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Arizona 30 to flatbed printer

Posted on Sat, 26 Nov 2005 at 15:06

I inherited several Arizona 30. Knowing a little bit about electronics
I began converting 2 machines (one for parts) into a Flatbed printer. Until a few weeks ago, I couldn't get UV inks that worked properly. But that as been resolved. Right now, 220ml cost me about $82.00. I'll work on the price issue later.
I want to test the machine - and I need help. I need a driver for an Arizona 30, using only CMYK. None of this LC and LM stuff. My cardinal rule, Keep it simple. I'm using Poster Shop 5. Ofcourse, the version I have will not let me create a driver, nor do I know where to get started. I was happy to get it to print.

I"d like to work with someone that can create the profiles and the neccessary drivers. I'll share all my information. We can work as a team or individuals.... your choice.

At $55 -86,000 for most of the machines out there, I'm confident a group of individuals can re-furbish older stuff and save. I have about $1,000 into it so far, New bulk ink systems that uses cartriges, new lines, UV light, etc. I dont have new heads, but those are about $400.00 eah.
I figure Under $3,500 for a working flatbed, producing 15 sq ft per hour at 360 DPI. Not fast, but no $86,000 either.

If you can help, have suggestions, contact me at Ask for Richard

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