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atsushita demonstrated a new generation of EcooL

Posted on Mon, 2 Jul 2012 at 3:57

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white LED lighting, the rapid rise of both in the application of market performance in the manufacturing technology of rapid development momentum. At the same time, the industry is driven by a new generation of LED for LED thermal conductivity of the substrate is one the rise and development of materials technology. But also for the high thermal conductivity substrate materials industry has opened up a new market space. substrate for a huge market substrate for the role of the LED heat more and more important, and gave birth to a new market opportunity. LED with environmental protection and energy saving features, lighting and other fields have developed rapidly as replica rolex a photoelectric Replica rolex watches for sale device, its working principle is actually carried out is a photoelectric conversion process, part of the input energy is converted into light can be used for lighting. However, the replica watches rest of the electrical energy is converted into heat, the replica patek philippe watches heat will cause the temperature of the LED chip. The replica watches impact of temperature rise on the LED chip is great, will enable LED luminous efficiency, service life substantially shortened. Therefore, how to achieve effective heat dissipation LED manufacturers is most concerned about. In this regard, Fudan University Professor Fang Zhilie pointed plus size dresses for women out that the thermal management of Tea length Wedding dresses LED chip, package and system level. The chip level, by improving internal and external quantum efficiency of the chip itself, strengthen the proportion of conversion of light energy of the LED chip to minimize heat generation. Package link Generally speaking, the LED can be a substrate for accelerated cooling of the metal substrate, ceramic substrate. LED output power in recent years more and more high-1W high power LED applications range Rolex replica increasing cooling problems become the subject matter of the relevant industry R & D, the thermal Cheap christian louboutin shoes conductivity of the substrate in the LED heat play a role in more and more important, but also gave replica tag heuer watch birth to an important market opportunity. According to PIDA wedding dress under 100 in usa (Taiwan's Photonics Industry & Technology Association), the survey, the global LED thermal conductivity of the substrate market Replica watches sales of approximately $ 855 million in 2010. From 2009 to 2012, four years, the average growth rate of the global LED substrate for sales will reach 30.02%. ceramic resin substrate began to catch the higher thermal conductivity, greater application flexibility and better cost performance is the main direction of the LED substrate for development. substrate for heat dissipation is an important part of the LED thermal management technology, technology trends by the LED market needs. Overall, the higher thermal conductivity, greater application flexibility and better cost performance is the main direction of development. With the increasing prevalence of high-power LED, the PCB has been insufficient to meet the cooling needs of the printed circuit board attached to a metal plate, in order to improve the heat transfer path. More aluminum or copper as the metal substrate materials. Mature technology, and cost advantages of LED lighting products are widely used. However, with the higher cooling effect of the pursuit of better thermal performance ceramic substrate Wedding dresses has also been developed and are increasingly used in practice, Of AIN ceramic substrate, a higher thermal conductivity, about 170 ~ 240W / m · K, the thermal Rolex replica expansion coefficient of 3.5 to 5ppm / K. LED Prom dresses 2012 package Discount wedding dresses not only requires the ability to protect the LED chip, but also light, but also consider the special design requirements of the module and application aspects of the future LED flexible packaging materials, the applicability of the requirements will become more higher and higher. Substrate for enterprises are also more Beach wedding dresses and more attention to the needs in this area. In the development of LED thermal conductivity substrates such as Matsushita Christian louboutin replica Electric, focus on the development of both high thermal conductivity and flexibility of the organic resin substrate material. Matsushita Electric to market in January 2009, a high thermal conductivity of glass fiber cloth - organic resin composite-based CCL EcooL R-1787 The product of the thermal conductivity of 1W / m K, thermal resistance, 6.7 ° C / W. Lighting Fair in Rolex Replica watches Tokyo in January 2012, Matsushita demonstrated a new generation of EcooL R-1586. according Cheap wedding dresses to the introduction of Matsushita Electric NL business department of Shida You Lizi EcooL R-1586 thermal conductivity raised to 1.5W / m · K / W thermal resistance is 5.0 ℃. EcooL as the substrate of an organic resin-based thermal conductivity of the substrate material, Replica rolex watch it is a performance cheap christian louboutin knockoffs and metal (such as aluminum), ceramic matrix high-thermal conductivity of the substrate material, compared with more Replica watches design freedom, processing f the technical competition, select the more cost-effective substrate materials technical competition.

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