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Posted on Thu, 6 May 2004 at 12:58 is a technology company specializing in an e-commerce platform for the printing industry. Take the time to explore or sites which has an online demo of our revolutionary software and which has information on becoming an authorized dealer of

Let Us Show You How You Can
Profit From

Using Our Brand New, Internet Based Technology Custom Designed Just For
The Printing Industry!

“Signs in a Flash” Will Improve Your Profits While Lowering Your Costs

We are most pleased to introduce to you such an exciting & unique opportunity to participate in the Internet Signage Revolution! has developed some exciting new tools for the printing industry. Please allow us to demonstrate for you how these tools will produce more income for your printing business. We hope you’ll find our message exciting & refreshing.

Would you like to know how to;

1. Automate Sales?

2. Increase Your Profitability?

3. Reduce Labor?

4. Increase Your Cash Flow?


First, when your clients login to design and purchase signs, our software automatically connects their purchasing activity to Your, Authorized Dealer account number.

Second, as a result, YOU get the “commission” for each and every sale!

Third, when your clients use the design engine to design and purchase their own signs, you will profit from the orders without any direct work on your part.

Fourth, when Your clients purchase signs there are paid for, IN ADVANCE.

What This Means For You Is:
Instant And Increased Cash Flow!

Fifth, their order is produced & shipped within 24-48 hours, right to their door!

Sixth, an expanded Premium Product Line combined with a Superior Level of Service will generate Repeat Orders
generating huge commissions for you for years to come!

Seventh, unparalleled Convenience - Your Clients can order from the comfort of their home or office, have the sign delivered right to their door - and all you did was to ask your client to visit your co-branded site!

Most Importantly We Will Electronically Transfer Your Commissions Directly Into Your Account On A Weekly Basis.


Your Online “Virtual Sign Shop” is Completely Automated

No Equipment to Buy or Lease

No Inventory Requirements

No Receivables!!

No Paperwork or Bookkeeping


YOUR Print Store already provides products & services to the same business people who purchase signs.

By co-branding with, you can instantly expand your product line
becoming a “One-Stop-Shop”.

When both your existing & new clients are getting their printing services, they will be simultaneously exposed to numerous types of custom signs now offered by your printing business.

Impulse Buying of signs naturally occurs from your printing clients when they know you offer the product they need.

To Enroll or get more information
Please contact us at: (843) 553-4553

Our Business Model Will Enhance Your Printing Business

Empower Your Business Through Automation

Increase Your Client Base Through Product Diversification

Increase Your Net Profitability

Automate Sales

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Reduce Your Labor Costs

Improve Client Satisfaction

Project An Impressive High Tech Image To Your Clients

Eliminate Your Receivables

To Enroll or get more information please visit our sites and
or contact us at: (843) 553-4553

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