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Gradient Seperation Problem

Posted on Tue, 24 Feb 2004 at 16:43

Help Gradient Seperations !!
I am on a Mac G4 using Freehand 10 and printing on
an Epson Stylus 3000. I print iron on transfers.I am using FastRip to do my seperations.
My Problem Is ---
When I create a Gradient with 2 spot colours, for
example Red to Blue and out put to film. The halftone
dots when placed in registration with each other do not
line-up. The second color does not knock out. The dots
are exactly on top of each other!!
I'll explain it this way, the Positive dots do not fit
into the negative holes, to get them to line up I must
off-set the film.

Hope you can help me!!

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