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16-Station MHM SP2000 textile press

Posted on Sat, 4 Dec 2010 at 14:54

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This machine has been in storage for about 2 years. It has several sets of pallets, including one set of pocket/sleeve pallets. I will thow in the two flashes I have for it too. I also purchased an air storage tank to accumulate and store pressure near the press. This helped my compressor keep up with the demand. About 6 years ago when I set this machine up, I purchased all new valves for all 14 printheads and installed all new air line around the center hub. This solved several problems the previous owner had with it. At the time I shut my business down, we were using 7 of the printheads with 2 flashes. At one point, we were using 10 of them. I produced some extremely nice dark shirt printing on this machine because I was able to flash twice. When it's set up properly, it holds great registration. The registration is run by servo motors and the machine will actually memorize multiple jobs. This was the most expensive machine money could buy in 1993 (approx. $120,000), and it's still capable of great looking dark shirt printing. Make sure you contract someone who knows MHM machines to set it up. This machine is not for the feable-minded. It's in storage and I need to get rid of it, so make me an offer.
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