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Embroidery Specials

Posted on Mon, 15 Feb 2010 at 15:43

Thornton Equipment Co.
Sewing Machines
Pfaff Sewing Machine- 900/51- 1988, S/N KI-438, ERZ# 0-1-0438-009/001, Excellent Condition, Straight and Zig Zag Sewing
Pictures Available, Located in OH.... $695.

Juki MO 3700 Series- 1998, Excellent condition, needs no repairs, is ready to set up and work. Approximately 100 hours on it, barely broke in. Comes on a table as the pictures show and easy to crate. Pictures Available, Located in MN

Knitting Machine
Passap 6000 Knitting Machine - Never Used, Pictures Available, Located in NJ

Automatic Knit Pocket Setters
3) DURKOPP ADLER 806 - Automatic Knit Pocket Setters-2006, Excellent Condition, Pictures Available, Located in MD


Happy HCD 1501, Single Head, 15 Needle- 2007, w/wide Cap--stitch & Sew embroidery studio software, Pictures Available
Located in IL Buyer would need to pay Ill. state sales tax on this machine

Happy HCM 720 - 20 Head 7 Needle - 1995 Tubular Arm Machine - No Cap Frames - 12 cm & 15 cm Hoops - Machine recently overhauled by Happy Tech. Single Phase or 3 Phase Electric 220 v power - Includes Rotary, Thread Break Sensors, Pictures Available Located in FL....$7900.

2) Brothers 3 Head, 9 Needle- 1997, Model # is BAS-423A. Includes Flat Hoops/Hat Hoops, and Hat Stand, Thread, Software, Backing.
Pictures Available, Located in OK

Package Deal- Located in MO, Pictures Available
Brother BES-1240BC, 2002, 4 Head, 12 Needles
Brother BES-0901E-AC, 2002, Single Head, 9 Needles
60 Hoops (this includes hat hoops)
Digitizing software IDS with Dongle

SWF 1501 A- Single Head, 15 Needle, Pictures Available, Located in IA

SWF/B-T1501- Single-Head, 15 Needle, 2008, Excellent Condition, Regularly Serviced, Relatively Easy to Crate and Load
Includes Shirt Hoops, Jacket Hoops, and Quick Change Cap System, Pictures Available, Located in OR
SWF/C-UK 1204-45- 4 Head, 12 Needle, 2007, Excellent Condition, Regularly Serviced, Relatively Easy to Crate and Load
Pictures Available, Located in OR

SWF 1206-45 6 Head 12 Needle- 98/99, with all standard hoops and cap frames, Low usage well maintained and runs well.
Pictures Available, Located in Arkansas.... $10,000

SWF 1506C- 6 Head, 15 Needle, 2005, Very Low Hours, 1000 stitches per minute, Auto Color Change Automatic Thread Trimmer
Rotary Thread Break Detection, Sewing field: 400 x 450 mm (approx 16" x 18") Included items Embroidery Machine Hoops
Included items
Embroidery Machine Hoops Included:
(12) 60mm Shirt Front Hoops (2.4")
(12) 12cm Shirt Front Hoops (4.7")
(12) 15cm Shirt Front Hoops (5.9")
(12) 30cm x 30cm Jacket Back Hoops (11.8 x 11.8")
(12) 32cm x 44cm Jacket Back Hoops (12.6 x 17.3")
(1) Boarder Frame (used for patches, table cloths ETC.)
Machine also features SWF quick change cap driver system.
Quick Change Cap Kit Includes:6) cap drivers, 1) cap gauge 12) wide cap frames
Link to see machine online, this 2005 model listed does not have the LDC Monitor, Pictures Available, Located in Missouri.... $19,500.

Melco EP1 Single Head, Single Needle- 1995, with many extras and all the supplies will be sent. Instruction Manuals are Included.
Comes with EDSlll Software. All the Hoops and the Hardware that came with the machine is included, Located in OH
Picture Available.... $2100. or $BO
Includes: 2) 5x9 wooden hoops, 2 hoop it all frames for caps or flat stock, 6 d hoops, key board, cpu, softwear edslll, no monitor-too expensive to ship. All the manuals, supplies and tools that came with the machine--are sold with the machine.

Melco EP1 Single Head, Single Needle- 96/97, Good Shape, Pictures Available, Located in KS
Two wooden hoops (5.5" x 9"), three 'D' shaped hoops, two flat hoops(I use them for caps and other odd shaped items, aprons bags.....etc.)

Melco EP1- Single Head Single Needle- Comes with Computer, Attachments and Hoops, Pictures Available, Located in MI

Melco EMB10\6T- Operators manual, Technical manual, Illustrated Parts manual, 12) 5" round hoops 12) 6" round hoops 6) 9" round hoops 6)14.5" x 10" hoop 6) 11" x 16" Jacket back, Blackout power UPS, Some Hat Drivers and hoops.In good working order.
Still in use, can be seen running, Original Owner, Need a Flatbed Truck to move. The only thing that does not work is the emergency stop buttons. Pictures Available, Located in NY

Toyota Expert 335 ESP- 2004, Single Head, 15 Needle, Like New Condition, Software, Instructional Manual, Users Guide
Located in OR, Pictures Available

Tajima 2 Head, 15 Needle, TMFX II C1502- 3 sets of Hoops, Cap Sash & Frames, Used Daily. Located in AL, Pictures Available

Tajima TMFXC 904-4 Head, 9 Needle- 1994, Some Hoops, 10'' Hoops, Cap Frames, Color Change Motor Behind Head # One went out BRAND NEW Part to go with machine-it will need to be insulted. All New Tension Wire, 2 New Hooks in which this machine takes Jumbo Hooks, Located in SC, Picutre Available....$7500.

Tajima TMFXC 904-4 Head, 9 Needle- 1995, Original Manual, Spare Parts, Located in CA, Picture Available

Tajima TMFXC904 4 Head, 9 Needle- 1996, Includes a 270 Cap Frame, 8) #12 Hoops, 8) #15 Hoops, 8) #18 Hoops
and 6) wide field 475 x 450 Hoops. Very Well Maintained, Pictures Available, Located in WI

Tajima TMEF-615 15 Head, 6 Needle- MFG 5626-5, About a 1993, Comeswith Hoops, 30 Hoops Size 15, 30 Hoops Size 21.
Pictures Available, Located in NY....$3700.

Barudan 6 Head 7 Needle EL FMC-II- 1991, SMT Monogram System, Control Keyboard, Manual Included, Pictures Available
Located in WI
6 spiders (brown)
11 hoops (brown)
12 CM
14 spiders (brown)
11 hoops (brown)
15 CM
6 spiders (brown)
12 hoops (brown)
19 CM
1 hoop (brown)
300 X 204 CM
12 Hoops (brown)
300 X 314 CM
12 hoops ( brown)
330 X 338 CM
10 Hoops (blue)
460 X 300 CM
11 Hoops (tan)
6 Magnetic Hoops (uses 9CM hoops)
9 CM Hoops can attached to Magnetic Hoops

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