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Thornton Equipment September's List

Posted on Fri, 11 Sep 2009 at 16:05

Thornton Equipment Co.
Textile-Embroidery & Graphic Equipment 9/09
David Thornton-owner
Web Site:


Financing Available
ACG Equipment Finance
Chris Pfriem
800-830-0084 ext. 204


Specials of the Month
Maxicure Dryer, 48'
M&R Reno HW Flash Cure Unit
Lawson Flatbed Printer
M&R Challenger, 8 Color, 10 Station
Olympian 10 Color, 12 Station Jumbo Area 24 x 36
Triumph Manual Paper Cutter 4700

Located in PA, Photos Available
Vastex EconoRed 54
Vastex EconoRed I
Antec Legend 6 Color 4 Station
M&R Exposure MSP 3140
Vastex Flash w/stand & wheels
Epson Styles 1800 Printer


Pre Press
2) Lawson Expo-Lite Auto Exposure Unit
Douthitt Exposure Unit
Light TableAgfa Accuset 1000 Imagesetter
Quasar Linotype-Hell Imagesetter
Tektronix Color Laser Printer

Folder/Bagger/Sealers Available
Nedco EZ Fold 1000 w/ Bagger/Sealer- Located in MD, Picture Available....$13,000.
Universal 1500 Folder Only, Picture Available.... $ 9,000

Numbering Machines
Inline 2 Color Numbering Machine
Inline Numbering Machine

2) MBR 25 X 36 Single Tri-Lock Systems
T-Jet2 (Direct-To-Garment Printer), with Epson Stylus Photo 2200
Printa System 770 Series 6 Color 4 Station
Lawson HD-MAX 6 Color, 4 Station
Precision 8 Color with the Precision Dynajet Gas Dryer
M&R Gauntlet 8 Color, 10 Station
M&R Gauntlet 10 Color, 12 Station II
M&R Challenger 14 Color, 16 Station
2) Precision Belt Printers
Precision Hydralic Oval
Harco Dryer 24" Belt
M&R Radicure Dryer 36" Belt
Lawson Pioneer Electric Dryer
Lawson Omega Electric Dryer
M&R Eliminator 48" Belt Gas Dryer
National Gas Dryer
Elexon Jet Force Electric Dryer
Precision Gas Fired Dryer
Precision Vortex Dryer
Curtis 10 hp Rotary Screw Compressor
Ingersoll Rand 30T Air Compressor
Ingersoll Rand Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer/Chiller
Svecia Squeegee Sharpener
Stahls' Hotronix Swinger Press 16 x 20
Balloon Screen Printer
Drying Rack

Shrink Wrap Machines
Seal N' Shrink 1700 Shrink Wrap Machine
Seal A Tron Shrink Wrap Machine
12) HIX Retensionable Screens- 20 x 24
2) Industrial Aluminum Frames- 54" x 80" OD
1) Industrial Aluminum Frame- 49" x 73" OD
Frames- 1) 48'' X 32" .... $100.
1) 24" x 19" ..... $40.
1) 30" x 24" ..... $50.
Newman Roller Frames for Belt Printer

M/M S912 with Micro Register.
Acromite 1620 (like Pony Press)
SPE Mega 22.
Fine Line Megane
Systems Automation-Model 810 Semi-Automatic Screen Printer-Graphic Printer that will print 8" x10" space on an object 12" thick.
Printa 990 Pad Printing System- Silver Package
2) Two Color Pad Printing Machine-PM-368D/S
Padflex 250C Base Machine
2) Fasco 642 Thermal Printers
American UV/IR Combo Dryer
2) Hydrolic Clickers- 1} Schwabe 1} Atom
Gigantagram Plotter
(Smart Trac) Ioline Plotter and Cutter with Stand
5) Seal O Matic High Frequency Heat Seal Machines
Excel 5000
6) Multi-purpose Drying Racks

Sewing Machines
Pfaff Sewing Machine- 900/51
Juki MO 3700 Series
Sewing Machines Available- Located in in CT, Brother, Juki, Siruba, Singer, Consew, Union, Merrow, Kingline, Kansai, K&P, Reliable and many more.
We can send you a complete list upon request.
Knitting Machine
Passap 6000 Knitting Machine
Mesitergram- 700 XL w 900 upgrade
Meistergram- 700 XL
Prodigi 6 Head, 12 Needle
Inbro C-1201 Single Head, 12 Needle
Happy HCM 720 - 20 Head 7 Needle
2) Brothers 3 Head, 9 Needle
Brother BE-1204C-BC
SWF 1501-SWF/B-T1501- Sinlge Head, 15 Needle
SWF/B-T1501- Single-Head, 15 Needle
SWF/C-UK 1204-45- 4 Head, 12 Needle
SWF 1506C- 6 Head, 15 Needle
Melco EP1 Single Head, Single Needle
Melco EP1 Single Head, Single Needle
Melco EP1- Single Head Single Needle
Melco EMC 10/4T
Tajima TMEX C901-Single Head, 9 Needle
Tajima TMEX-C1501- Single Head, 15 Needle
Tajima TFMXC1501/wct Single Head, 15 Needle
Tajima TMFXC904 4 Head, 9 Needle

Tajima TFMXICI1506/450/wct 6 Head 15 Needle
Tajima TME-DC 912- 12 Head, 9 Needle
Tajima TME DC 912- 12 Head, 9 Needle
Tajima TMEF-615 15 Head, 6 Needle
Barudan 6 Head 7 Needle EL FMC


Do you have equipment to sell? We Can List Your Equipment!
Thornton Equipment is always looking for equipment to list on our Equipment List and Web Site.
Please e-mail us as much information as possible. The Type and Brand of the equipment.
Age/Year, Description. What is included with the machine? Condition of the equipment?
Is it in need of any repairs? How recently has it been serviced? Where are you located?
Can it be easily crated and loaded in a van or on a truck? Price you would like to get for the equipment.
Pictures are Very Important-Good Pictures Sells Equipment Faster. Your Contact Information is needed-
Company name, name, address and phone #. We will list your equipment and let you know when we
have an interested customer. So let us know what you have to sell.


We Sell New Equipment
We Represent New Equipment: Vastex, Screen Klean, Numbering Machine
We can send you information and photos on-if pictures, information and prices are needed of any of this equipment, please e-mail us.
The Ultimate Numbering Machine-It's capable of printing a three-digit number, and can print from one- to three-color numbers
Vastex- Printers/Flash Cure Units/Exposure Units/Dryers
Screen Klean- Washout Booths/Recirculation System Booths/Water Filtration Units
We have Leasing Available. We can set you up with one of our many leasing companies to fill out an application on-line or over the phone.
Payment--- Check, Money Order, Wire Transfer (the quickest), or Pay Pal.

Thornton Equipment Co. has not seen or gone through any of this equipment. The equipment we list on our List and Web Site is privately owned. Equipment is sold "As is" unless otherwise stated in the description. The seller/owner gives us the details, description and condition of their equipment. We offer no warranties
or guarantees that the equipment will work, need parts, need to be set up by a technician, etc. We try to give the customer as much information as possible on the equipment and send pictures. We very much recommend and encourage buyers to go see the equipment, they are about to purchase, whenever possible.
Prices are somewhat negotiable. If you see a piece of equipment you are interested in, make an offer--we will ask the owners and see if they will accept it.

Location of Opportunity or Item

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