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Heavy Ink Deposit Problem

Posted on Mon, 17 Jul 2006 at 1:50

I have a small 4 head manual Lawson press and I'm currently printing a 3-color graphic on 50/50 T-shirts. I'm experiencing a problem of a heavy ink deposit on just the far left side of the graphic on the second (yellow) and third color (black). I've raised the off contact a bit and I've switched out squeegees to a stiffer durometer, but the problem still exist. I've also trid to put in a small piece of foam near the left side, did little help. The rest of the graphic looks just fine, but a small portion of the graphic on the left side is depositing WAY too much ink and looks like crap. :cry:

Any suggestions?

I'm printing on 85 mesh screen (brand new screens)

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