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screen/ink questions

Posted on Sat, 8 May 2004 at 20:50

i am literally screening (by hand) for the first time and got the emulsion part fine, after a few tries. but, my question is, what is the "correct" way to do the actual screening part? where do you first put the ink? how much ink? which way do you run the squeegee? ive screened about 6 shirts now and all of them have come out differently. most have areas that are too light and some have areas where the ink spread a tiny bit (i guess i put too much or pressed too hard). is there a fool proof way to get it right nearly every time when doing it by hand?

thanks for any help.

p.s. i replied to an "ink" thread a few pages back but didnt know if anyone would even see it, so i started this new one.

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