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William and Kate has publicly stated that, after marriage, they will take care of themselves, do not need servants to take care

Posted on Sat, 21 Apr 2012 at 2:51

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world there are three kinds of people: to promote the things people look at things and people do not know what happened. christian louboutin outlet 
the 21st century, technology companies, if the third person, only the fate of extinction.
earlier than the competition and see trends,Rolex replica  careful to do long term planning, daring to do real-time contingency is to survive.
TPK Optoelectronics Technology Replica rolex President and CEO Tom Sun, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Nettesheim by Christoph Nettesheim, the person in charge of the Greater China region, and the NTUST Dean, School of Luxi Peng, in the 2012 world
Economic Forum
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Apple, the world's leading touch module TPK turnover five-year growth of 24 times, a record of listed companies in Taiwan a new record.
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the world
Today, more than four hundred million users, fingertips sliding in touch module TPK,
wave of technological paradigm shift, how to seize the opportunity?
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long-term business planning,
the story of the Samsung Group, Christian louboutin shoes sale to point out the need for long-term planning. In the past decade, Samsung focus on the creation of their own brand, not hesitate to sever ties with to suppress the price of Wal-Mart. Samsung just hired an advertising company, to all the funds put into the work of world-class propaganda.
other success stories, including the Mexican auto parts manufacturer Nemak, Guangdong, China's Huawei Technologies, the Indian IT company Wipro, Three companies to find their own advantage, to create a unique corporate culture, and then Red bottom shoes look overseas to become the industry leader.
Taiwanese companies, but also to find the strengths to make themselves sustainable development, this advantage as the starting point of long-term planning.
Instruction cycle of the upgrade, the popularity of user-friendly design, is also an inevitable trend in the technology industry.
advantages of
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premature aging , makes you look older than their actual age . But old ?
Netherlands Leiden University the Summer dresses Diana范海姆斯特leadership research team based on 569 healthy volunteers after a meal blood glucose levels , they are divided into low , medium, and high group . The researchers also 33 higher blood glucose levels in diabetic patients were studied. the
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29, Kate Middleton finally got into the capital city of London, Westminster Abbey, with Britain's Prince William, began the royal road. However, the poll showed that about 86% of British people do not envy the royal family married into the After the grand wedding will be the real life of the royal family, then, Kate's royal road to the wider and wider? Edition text: Zhao Hai Jian
to Knock off omega 
the scene for the future life of the newlyweds, has become a hot topic that major media quiz. Through the study of this new alignment had the attitude of the British media ahead of a few days ago depict the Prince and Princess of the future of the new Section One Hundred Views of
marriage role is only to job.
William is going to married wife will Grandparents marriage successful example, by parents' failed marriage as a warning to William for the royal family, Kate spotlight, Japan, longer. Knock off omega 
According to royal sources have pointed out, Prince William has been in consultation with the royal family, the requirements of marriage to give them two years, over the quiet plain ordinary life, as little as possible in the royal family work. William, aged 28, not only after careful consideration, he also discussed with the Queen of their own plans, said he and Kate's relationship is very solid, like a queen and king husband was married, before put into the royal family have a quiet period. each other to adapt to married life, also contributes to the wedding feelings.
royal message said William studied the queen reign of 60 years, and successfully maintain a private life. Prince William also realized that his parents soon after the marriage is put into the busy work of the royal family, which makes her mother completely failed to adapt to withstand a considerable degree of pressure.
please the servants of their own to buy food to cook Red heels red bottoms 
members of the royal family to enjoy a distinguished position, but in many ways, they and ordinary people in fact not very different. William and Kate has publicly stated that, after marriage, they will take care of themselves, do not need servants to take care of this and traditional British royal family members is a huge contrast.
Prince Charles and Camilla couple has a servant group of 150 people, including 25 of the maid, butler and personal servant, in addition to the driver, gardener, secretary, and security personnel, all-round care for them in Wales
However, a young newlywed couple is clearly more want to live an independent life. In addition to the security outside, their lives will not have a butler, maid and other servants.
royal family are spending £ 12 million renovation of the Kingston Palace is very likely to become newlyweds officially apartments. But most of the time of the new marriage will live in a simple and comfortable cabins located in Wales, near a small island. The two had lived here for some time, and now they have adapted to the self-life, Kate grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning. Hut by the two co-payment of rent, in the absence of task, William is always back to the hut to help.

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