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6 color manual screen printer

Posted on Mon, 26 Dec 2005 at 17:01

Hello and happy new years!

I'm a street vendor in Manhattan. I make my own silkscreen designs and print them on to shirts that I sell. I'm pretty sure my current "bedroom set" up is prehistoric. I use stock board for the shirts and silkscreen on my floor with acrylic ink holding the screen in place with my hand and knees while I pull the ink with my spare hand (yes I have a lot of mistakes that cost me about 4 shirts a run). This is painfully and tediously slow. I cry at the thought of doing 90 shirts, which with heat rendering by iron takes about 7-8 hours. My family is willing to help me invest in a 6 color manual silkscreen press and a dryer. But I really have no idea what to look for, or which companies for that matter.

- Is a 6 color press that much more helpful than a 4 color press?

- Is one station satisfactory or do I need 4-6?

- Is plastisol ink dangerous? Is it harder or easier to work with than acrylic? Pro's and Con's please.

- Which heat device should I invest in to render the shirts?

- Does a manual press really help with clearer design lines? Or do you still have the opps-the-screen-budged factor?

- Do manuel presses allow room for large screens 23in x 27in?

- I currently have different sized stock boards and silk screens for my different sized shirts (XS - XL). How does the station compensate for the difference in shirt sizes?

- I've never mixed inks before to get different colors? Is there a matrix guide that I can buy which will show me what colors I can mix to get certain results?

- Which plastisol ink supplier is the best quality and why?

If can answer all of these question I will send you a homemade cake of your choice :)


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