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Artwave Spin Art Machine

Posted on Thu, 8 Apr 2004 at 17:10


I just bought out a shop in my area that was going under, and they had an older spin art machine. It is a machine that you put a shirt onto a shirt board, and it spins at a very rapid pace, and has holes in the lid where different colored inks can be poured in, creating a splattered effect. It works great, but it was made by Precision, and they have been out of business for years. It doesn't seem that practical in terms of doing an order of spin art shirts for a customer, but as a promotional piece, its absolutely perfect. My question is, what type of ink should I use? I bought an air dry ink from Union, but it still takes too long to dry. Does anyone know of anything specific that is made for this type of an application? Perhaps a dye rather than an ink? I know this thing could make a small fortune at a fair or similar event, but I can't seem to find the right ink. Any light someone could shed on this topic would be most appreciated.


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