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Buy Burberry Online Just an average game of English cricket with a couple of billionaires, Aussie Shane Warne and model Eliza

Posted on Sun, 8 Jul 2012 at 21:50

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But one London club played host to a couple of billionaires, Aussie cricketing legend Shane Warne and his model fiancée Elizabeth Hurley adding a spot of Burberry Polo Outlet
excitement to notoriously dull game.

The glamorous bunch gathered together in Richmond for the charity game and it appeared that everyone had a good day.

Not your average cricket game: Shane Burberry Polo Shirts
Warne took part in a charity cricket match yesterday and was cheered on by his fiancée Elizabeth Hurley

Professional Shane took to the pitch with his son Jackson as well as Elizabeth's son Damien as they played against Ben and Zac Goldsmith in the charity match.

While the boys played sport, the actress Shop Burberry Handbags
bonded with Shane's daughters and the trio appeared to have a great girlie time together.

Elizabeth acted as a glamorous cheerleader for the day she was joined by the Goldsmith brothers' sister Jemima Khan and a whole host of their family and friends.

Warm greeting: The Gossip Girl actress was seen greeting Zac Goldsmith warmly despite him being on the opposing team to Shane

Listening to his pearls of wisdom: Ben Buy Burberry Handbags USA
appeared enthralled with Shane's cricket tips as the men took to the field

What are sisters for: Jemima Khan was seen carrying two cricket bags as she made her way to secure a spot near the cricket field to cheer on her brothers

While the Goldsmiths were on the opposing team to Shane, Elizabeth was seen greeting politician Zac with awarm embrace and a kiss.

Jemima proved to be the perfect sister and Buy Burberry Outlet USA
arrived carrying two cricket bags ready to cheer on her team.

Shane was seen greeting the journalist warmly and sharing a joke as she sat with a group of friends and family.

Practicing being step-mother: Liz was seen with Shane's daughters Summer and Brooke and the girls appeared to be having a great time

One big happy family: Elizabeth and Shane's children appear to be more than happy with the couple's relationship

Giving some fatherly advice: Shane played on the same team as his son Jackson as well as Elizabeth's son Damian

Elizabeth was seen enjoying spending some quality time with Shane's girls from his previous marriage to Simone Callahan.

Brooke, 14 and Summer, 10, appeared more than comfortable around the model and the girls were seen laughing together while sharing some ice-cream.

Now whose helmet is this! Jemima was helpful organising the kit bags ahead of the game

Family affair: Jemima was seen chatting to her brother Ben while sat with Zac's partner Alice Rothschild

Equally, Shane appeared to be more than comfortable stepping into the stepfather role to Elizabeth's son Damian and he was seen giving him and his own son Jackson some pre-matchadvice.

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