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foam mesh hats

Posted on Mon, 26 Apr 2004 at 19:35


I have a computer graphic created in photoshop that I want to print onto foam mesh caps, also known as trucker hats, and then sell. I was told by one screenprinter that he could accomplish this via "heat transfer" and that this was the method that was virtually always employed to "print" onto such hats. Is this latter statement accurate? Further, is heat transfer really appropriate for a quality commerically sold product - my understanding being that it's much less durable than screen printing? Related to that, in the case of heat tranfers being used, is it much more suitable to employ a heat press than ironing on transfers - the former perhaps providing much greater quality? And, if I have a color printer, should I try to print the transfers myself to save money or will the quality generally be significantly better if I just leave it up to a screenprinter to do this?

Thanks for any insight you can provide,

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