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Intro to screenprtg courses Toronto and Vancouver

Posted on Mon, 18 Sep 2006 at 22:35

Intensive weekend intro courses featuring instructor Andy MacDougall of will get you familiar with the process steps from creating art and film, through screen selection, coating, exposure, and reclaiming, inks and additives, and set up and printing on flat graphic materials, t-shirts, and 3D objects. Learn the tricks and techniques that work so you can get printing. Both studios have vacuum tables and t-shirt carosels so participants get a chance to use a range of equipment.

Limited enrollment in each course, all materials are supplied (except shirts which can be bought wholesale) includes the manual 'Screenprinting Today...the Basics' by Andy MacDougall.

For more info about the Toronto course (Oct 21, 22) click on
or visit

For more info about the Vancouver (Langley Nov.4,5) course
or visit

I'll be instructing the courses with the help of the people who run the two shops we will be working in. Please contact them to register. This is geared at people who have no experience screenprinting but want to learn solid fundamentals, or those with some experience who want to upgrade their skills using photoemulsion. Past workshops have included university print lab techs; woodworkers who wanted to print wood products; dyeists and costume designers from the Stratford Festival, native carvers and artists, antique gas pump restorer who now makes his own replica glass globes, silk artists, t-shirt company start-ups, and lots more. Screenprinting is FOR EVERYBODY. We will cover a lot of ground in the two days, but due to small enrollment (8-10 people) you will get lots of chance to learn the steps and practice them so you can start printing on your own.

Hey, it will be a lot of fun too!

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