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Need large graphic overlay printing.

Posted on Tue, 27 Apr 2004 at 11:34

Hello There,

I need large printed graphic overlay on 7 mill thick autotype polyester (EBA7 or EBA77).
Graphic size is 46" X 1". This Graphic needs to be printed in tolerances of plus or minus 0.010". Graphic has 5 colors includind selective mate texture on front surface. Also, there is posability that this graphic cud be done on Autotype 2V8 polyester, which is 0.008" thick.
I need approximatly 10 graphics, and i will have all designe done. I need quote as soon as posable.

Thank you.

Please conntact me at:

Location of Opportunity or Item


Anonymous says: Hello Almir, Did you find a source for the graphic overlays you need? We print to 54'' and can supply the part you discribe. Let me know your current situation. Dave posted on: Mon, 08/16/2004 - 10:22am

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