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please help - how to sc.print yard paper signs?

Posted on Thu, 5 Jan 2006 at 14:22

Hello guys,

i'm trying to get some info on how to print paper yard signs,
like 2 sided outdoor paper, smooth glossy finish.
i used to print on coroplast so i know all the basics but

- i could not find a source where i can buy blank paper stock?
- does it come pre-cut to the size or on a roll and i'll have to cut it?
- What is the most common size of it and how much is the "good fair price" for it?

i'm assuming we'll have to use water based ink with it.
- what brand and what kind of ink can you recommend?
- how badly does these inks smell compared to solvent based Nazdar inks for coroplast?
- can I use my "yellow" 250 mesh screens I used for coros,
and what kind screens will i need if not?
- what kind of squgee will i need? i currently have my "coro sqd" it's about 65 duro

Thank a lot everybody!
Hope that someone will care to help me out :)

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