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using manual tshirt press for tight registration flat stock

Posted on Thu, 6 Apr 2006 at 9:29

We print flatstock material on all kinds of substrate, mostly acrylic. We have to do prepro samples for all jobs. Normally we just do hand screens for 1up samples. When it goes to production it goes on our big Horizon automatic press, so lining up is easier. We have been toying with the idea of getting a 6 color tshirt press with a portable uv curing unit to do these one up samples. The artwork the customers are supplying us is getting tighter and tighter, and doing it one color at a time is becoming very time consuming. How well will a tshirt press hold register printing extremely tight register? I know that printing tshirts is alot more forgiving. Could we hold up to less the 1/64 of an inch of register on a six color tshirt press? Just seeing if anyone out there has any ideas, or has had any success in trying this. If there is one manual tshirt press that hold tigher registration than the next, that info would be helpful to. Our art areas normally on run around 4x6, sometimes much smaller.
Craig Ethier

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