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Large image - uneven ink deposit

Posted on Wed, 9 Feb 2005 at 12:38

Printing image 34" wide X 23" front to back. Image is large flood with reverse copy. Printing waterbase ink, using triple duro squeegee 65/90/65. Printing with 255 mesh @ 24newtons. Image is positioned 8 inches from inside front of frame and 5-1/2 inches from inside sides of frame. Using clamshell flatbed with new pressbed. Press will permit min offcontact of 1/4", and have peel set to start half way back through stroke. Substrate is heavy paper stock.

Problem is: image at front and center prints fuzzy, reverse copy fills in and ink deposit looks heavy. Solution has been to add off-contact which cleans up image significantly. But ink deposit is still heavier in the front/center, front most copy is still a bit enlarged due to bleeding of heavier ink deposit. Observation is that adding off-contact lifts just the front of the screen and that changes flood stroke = more f-bar pressure in the front = expressing ink
into the mesh = making heavier deposit.

Any ideas on how I can print an even ink deposit front to back.

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