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Need help with Corel 12

Posted on Thu, 26 Oct 2006 at 0:33

I have just started using Corel 12 for my ioline vinyl cutter. I currently have an order for a 3 x 8 banner. Nothing hard just straight text. The actual text measurements are 27" x 88". When I export this to the file I cut from, under the page tab it tells me that I am exceeding the page size limit. When I go to open up the file to actually cut everything opens up normally but when I tell it to cut it will just make a simple line about a 1/4" long. I played around with my text and pulled it down to 50" long and everything is fine. I guess my question is, is there a setting on exporting from corel that I need to adjust and if so where in the world is it. If anyone out there has run in to this and can help me out I sure would appreciate it.

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