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Hydrochromic inks

Posted on Wed, 5 Feb 2003 at 16:15

Looking for an ink that appears white when dry but becomes temporarily transparent when moistened
Recently saw a product produced in the UK.
The ink was silk screened on an offset printed sheet that had an overall UV coating.
The ink appeared white but when moistened it temporarily became transparent (invisible) but reverted to white as it dried.
Would appreciate any info on a source for this ink product.

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Anonymous says: When you find more info could you please pass it on. Sincerely, Roland Salm posted on: Sun, 03/30/2003 - 5:50pm
Anonymous says: Dear Mr. Roland Salm, We can supply hydrochromic ink. Please mail to for further information. posted on: Fri, 07/04/2003 - 4:56pm
Anonymous says: I'm looking for invisible hydrochromic inks: who becomes visible in contact with water. Does somebody know were i can find these kind of invisible inks? regards, K. Algra posted on: Mon, 09/08/2003 - 8:26am
Anonymous says: i manufacture these inks and many more please confirm if you require posted on: Sun, 12/18/2005 - 11:19am
Anonymous says: I am looking for hdyrochromic dyes. Can you give more information? Thanks. Yeong Huang 847-785-2454 posted on: Tue, 01/24/2006 - 10:29am

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