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trouble shooting on roll to roll screen printing machine

Posted on Sun, 25 Apr 2004 at 7:10

Dear Sir
we are a printing and packaging company at Bangkok(thailand), we have six colour screen printing machine roll to roll from japan, it contains hot air dryer after each colour. only at last colour we have UV curing system also with hot air dryer.
mainly we are printing PET,PP,PVC, roll to roll.
the thickness of the material ranges from 200 micron to 400 micron.
mainly we are using solvent base inks,supplied by local supplier.
our main customers are from cosmetic we are printing on PET,PP,PVC,and we have die cut machine from the same company,this die cut machine is also roll to roll.
but we are facing the problem with inks only.
our ink suppliers are supplying us acralic base inks.
they are supplying us the solvents,normal,fast,slow.
with every job,we are facing the problem ,like some time ink build up under the screen,some time inks clogged he screen(though we are using low viscosity inks).
some time inks slow dry,due to this either ink pick up on idle roller of machine happens,or some time setoff(blocking) of roll(this is roll to roll machine).
due to this we have too much loss in production.
we are using screen 300 threads/inch for normal solvent base inks and 350 threads/inch for Uv base inks.
now we would like to know about your product,advice,technical capability to solve this problem.
with advance thanks

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