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Posted on Thu, 9 Oct 2003 at 2:28

The product AB02®can improve abrasion resistant highly which, when applied to the UV curable coating and cured, form transparent coatings having superior abrasion resistant properties. It's inorganic compound powder and the main contain is high transparent alpha phase alumina. In Taber Test the abrasion data is from the 0.18g reduce to 0.08g. In Stainless Steel Wool Test, after scratch the coat, it still clean (no turn black), and difficult to find the haze. When applied to the coating, the coating can still maintain high glossily surface, good fluid, difficult sedimentation. The coating can be applied to wood, paper, glass, plastic, leather,etc. substrate by conventional methods, such as spray caoting, curtain coating, roll coating, etc. to form a continuous surface film. The price is competitive, less than the price of UV coating.

The main features:
Chemical ingredient: alpha phase Al2O3
Hardness: 7-8 Mohs
Average particle size: 2-3 micron
Refractive index: 1.53
Loosed bulk density: 0.5g/cm3
True specific gravity: 2.6g/cm3
Ph: 7
Oil absorption (TPGDA): 41ml/100g
Whiteness: 88

UV curable coating 85g
AB02® 15g
Mixture, and high speed (1200RPM) stirred, through 300 Mesh filter, test the particle size.

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