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Need advice! Thin steel cliches vs Alcohol Polymer cliches?

Posted on Tue, 23 Nov 2004 at 5:24

Need help determine if I should switch from using thin steel cliches to alcohol wash polymers. If we stick with thin steel I think of swtiching the nirtic acid for Ferric cloride and some pcb etching tanks. Any feedback on how these work?

Today we etch thin steel cliches with nitric acid.

Problems today with thin steel cliches:
* Very difficult to get the same result of etching, from day to day
* Regulations from authoritys.
* Manual etching

Advantges with steel cliches:
* Great lifespan, hard to scratch and so on..
* Can be washed in the phenumatic parts washer as it isnt affected by the solution in the washer.
* Can be stored for ever if oiled before storing.

So now you tell me the problems and advantages of alcohol wash polymers....

My machine is an TTN 4 color. I run cliches that are 100x200, 200x200, 300x200, 400x200 mm. The machine as inkcups with steel rings, will this work on alcohol polymers? The machine manufacture says yes, but would like a second opion.

So what machines do I need to make alcohol wash polymers? Can I do this manually and still get good results? Or does it need to be a automatic machine?

Also, the biggest single print run would be around 30000 parts.

I have heard that BASF polymers is the only way to go, true?

Thanks for you ideas.

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