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Startup Pad Printing Business

Posted on Sun, 1 Sep 2002 at 5:02

Hi All,
I'm writing to see what advice I can get on starting up a pad printing business out of my own residence. I have been looking at one company in particular, called Press-A-Print out of Idaho that sells complete packages. They check out ok so far. Is any-one familiar with them, or an owner/operator of their manual system, or know anyone who is?
I've read articles on everything from art file preparation to real eye-opening stuff on business management, to looking at the existing competition. Well I wasn't scared off, but am still searching for input from those already doing this type work professionally. I've been working in the printing industry in different areas for about eight years now, as everything from a copy operator to a prepress production monkey. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Brian Barnett

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