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Symbols Deformation when Pad prints from 2D on a 3D shape

Posted on Sun, 26 Nov 2006 at 7:41

I need suggestions on the following problem I face

We have a Tampoprint (Cliché process) Machine. While printing “multicoloured images” on a 3D-plastic shape we arise with the symbol displacement/deformation problems. The problem can be detailed as follows-

1) We have a “2D-CAD” drawing of the symbols we need to print on a Plastic “3D-shape”

2) This “2D-CAD” drawing of the symbols is printed out on a plastic transparency film.

3) Metallic Cliché is covered with this plastic film

4) Cliché is insolated with Ultraviolet Radiations

5) Acid is used on the metallic Cliché to remove all no-insolate area by UV and the Cliché is ready.

6) When the Tampon/Pad transfers the printing images (Symbols) on a “3D-Plastic shape” then the symbols are either displaced from their position or are not of the desired shape.

I.e. when a 2D image is tried to be put on a 3D shape then we don’t get the correct format we need. In the attached picture you can see the problem. Black colour is the one what we exactly need on a “3D-shaped plastic part” whereas Red colour is the one what we get in reality.

I need help from the experts if then can suggest me what could be the solutions to this kind of problem where we have symbols which are always in 2D on the Cliché, and the plastics parts which are always 3D.

Note: - we have already tried to put deformed/ displaced symbols (odd) on a Plastic film so that we can get, ultimately, the desired output on a Plastic 3D part (even). But this process is very time consuming as we need a lot of hit and try to get these odd symbols on a Plastic film.

Please let me know if anyone needs further information. A quick reply in this regard would be highly appreciated.

Thanking you!


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