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Help with Epson 3000

Posted on Mon, 14 Jul 2008 at 14:45

I'll start by saying I'm using a Mac G4 Running OSX Tiger.

I'm a new convert to inkjet films. I had been using a Xante 8200 for years. While looking on this and other forums I read many recommendations for a Epson 3000 as an inexpensive way to get started and people talking up the quality of the film from this printer. Another printer in town uses a Epson 1250 and had made me some film which was great. Very black and sharp. He uses no rip program for his. He just sets it on the best quality. I just bought a used 3000 and am having problems getting it set up. I can get black print on paper but my films are not nearly opaque. I'm printing on the same film the other printer was using on his 1250. What I'm wondering is if there's a 3000 user out there who would be willing to help me via e-mail or better yet if I could call you to see how you're set up. I find alot of the software confusing since it was made years ago and doesn't even mention my present OS, for example the epson rip software that came with it. I'm also curious if that rip software will allow me to print halftone dots or if I need something else. Any help would be really appreciated. :?:

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