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Ministries to chongqing research

Posted on Fri, 13 May 2011 at 5:14

special electronic starzmart product launch consumers' rights investigation. This investigation around TV, mobile phone, PC, getting on four core consumer areas for consumers, aims to design questionnaire provided reference, your precious rights a ticket, a paragraph, perhaps can become story rights android ebook reader pushing 3C industry consumption environment harmonious and healthy development of the key.In consumer complaints in the forefront of the elder mobile field, for example, this survey will revolve around crash, signal sent, slow and off paint, data loss, battery

According to China Internet network information center (CNNIC) issued in the 27th China Internet network development condition investigation statistics report by the end of 2010, says, China's netizens scale has reached area of 3 big functions 4.57 billion, and network has become the fastest wholesale supplier growing shopping on the Internet. With clear price advantage and more diverse subdivision sales model, have this year, it estimates that China's e-commerce market amount can be expected to break through $500 billion.As the market share larger brand and is often the most TouSuLiang buys same, with brand is more and more big, the cake of various problems also generates a wake.

Meanwhile, other such as "home appliance" and "PC" purpose of survey is also like this -- in addition to help consumers solve the problem, the more important is looking for complaint hotspots statistical displayed rule, know the most urgent CCC consumption industries problems need to tablet pc be solved is what? Consumers believe the most of is what? Most worried about the what is?On March 16 "3C weekly", we will have statistic results professional rigorous analyses, hope to become

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