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Print Separations Online

Posted on Thu, 6 May 2010 at 15:54

I called on a client last week who happens to be a software developer. We were talking about color separation software and UltraSol Inks. I was shown their online operation and was very impressed with it. I thought I'd pass it along to the other members here.

How would you like to produce separations in minutes, maybe even seconds, without having to invest in expensive software that requires updating every three months and an extensive learning curve? While creating art requires a great amount of skill and either the services of a freelance artist or a salaried in house artist on staff, there is no need to tie up this valuable resource to perform simple mechanical separations.

How many times have you had a client bring in an Adobe Illustrator or Corel file that has so many hidden layers that it seems to take forever to clean it up just to get the raster image processor to push it to the printer? How many times have you had those hidden images show up on the final film positives?

Now there is a simple and fast way to separate your image, any image, in seconds.
This is an automated image separations service that prepares your vector or raster artwork for print quickly, easily, and accurately. They have many successful screenprinters using their service and the results have been great!

There is an article on the company on the front page of Solutions Journal Magazine where you can learn more about this service. The article is free to read. Enjoy!

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