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Posted on Mon, 24 May 2004 at 19:11

May 21, 2004


By now everyone has heard of the six dollar money making opertunity. By far is it a hoax. I have seen it work,but I have not seen anyone get rich off of it.I have also seen the five dollar plan by using paypal,there again , it will work but you will not get rich. Most of us out here in the real world are working long hard hours and just getting by, I think that is why we try the six dollar and the five dollar ideas .All through life we will be turned on by these kind of ways to make a lot of money,and to make it real fast,that is a part of what we all want in the good old U.S.A , we call it the american dream,or just getting our peice of the pie .Well,we all want that peice of the pie and for most of us we wont never get it.we will just be happy with what we got and go the rest of our lives just getting by. By now you are wondering what am I getting to,and I will be glad to tell you that I have been strugling in the real world for a long time and I just got tired of it. I had to do something about it,so I ventured out into the world wide web and found several ,let me put this in differant words,i found thousands of get rich quick schemes and ways of making lots of money.most of wich I could not bring myself to even think about for more than five minutes, My adventure took me from the good old U.S.A to parts of the world that I have never even heard of.i can even go to a lot of these places with my eyes closed,but I prefer to leave them open. In my quest to conquer the world with my eyes open,i became a master at surfing the web.i even installed a light onto my surf board,for the most part there is nothing that I don’t know about this great big world of internet comes easy to me now, cause all I have to do is learn the new I deas and tools that are coming out every day.but lets get real not everyone can find the time to sit behind a desk looking at a computer screen and moving a mouse around,for the most part you would not believe the people that do not even have a computer,much less know what a browser is. I have simply put togeather a plan that has worked for many years,for me anyway. What I do is not the same as what the next person will do,this plan involves two hours a day not including the weekends,so if you would like it more like this it will be ten hours a week.that is thirty hours less than a fourty hour work week.and the money is very good,i will not put an amount on it because it is up to the individual. I will be offering this plan for a short time only,the only reason I am offering this plan to anyone who wants to take an advantage of it is because I see people struggling with all the get rich quick schemes out there.i will not say this is a get rich quick scheme,cause it is not one,it is just simply a way to make very good money and not to have to work very hard at also this is a plan not a scheme,all I am asking is for you to cover the stamp and the shipping and handling. And if it works for you ,so be it,go and enjoy what this wonderful world has to offer.simply mail your shipping and handling wich is two dollars,in a self addressed envelope to:CUSTOM CREATIONS,103 tasha dr. ivey g.a.31031,thank you and good luck!

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