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Experienced screen printing looking for excellent opportunit

Posted on Tue, 11 May 2004 at 16:19

I am looking to further my knowledge and experience in the field of screen printing. I recently obtained my Bachelor of Science in Technology with a major in Visual Communication Technology from Bowling Green State University, and focused most of my college years studying screen printing technologies. I’ve achieved a 3.5 major GPA while working 30 hours a week, and have very good time management skills. Currently, I am looking for the best opportunity for me to gain experience working with the modern print technologies as well as an opportunity for me to save up so I can get my Master’s.

I am very fluent and quick with the leading imaging software packages, and I enjoy creating with them. I have used Photoshop for years and have edited and color corrected hundreds of photos. I can effortlessly create vector artwork in Illustrator and have worked at a textile screen printer where Illustrator was used all day, every day. For layout, preflighting, and outputting I prefer the powerful options of InDesign, although I have used Quark for many projects. My operating system of choice is a Mac, but I grew up on Windows and am comfortable using it. In addition to my image creation experience, I have used Flash extensively and enjoy creating webpages. In addition to my screen printing experience, I have used wide and large format inkjets regularlly.

I strongly believe in working in a color managed workflow, and have experience calibrating and creating ICC profiles for monitors, scanners, and printers. I also believe in documentation of workflows for better quality control, and have experience doing so. I have successfully done manual trapping and have used software such as TrapWise, but for most applications prefer trapping in the RIP. I understand screening and output principles and have experience working with both films and CTS systems. I believe that CTS is the future and would welcome the opportunity to work with such systems. I also have a number of innovative ideas on advancements using current technologies that would further the capabilities of the screen printing industry but do not have the resources yet to develop and patent them.

I understand the underlying principles of screen printing and have written several papers about new theoretical techniques that could be implemented in industry. I’ve completed internships at two of the leading screen printing companies and have hundreds of hours of independent research about the business. I am looking for an excellent opportunity to create and invent new techniques and technologies within the screen printing industry as well as increase my experience working in this field. Also, if you are a screen printing company who is having difficulties with their workflow I’m sure I can help. I am currently living in Ohio, but am ready to relocate immediately for a good opportunity.

If you are interested in obtaining a CD of my digital portfolio and resume please call (419) 373-9852 [until 5/25/04] or (440) 324-4656 [after 5/25/04] or email and leave me your mailing address and I will mail it off immediately.



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