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Freelance Graphic/ Production Artist

Posted on Thu, 17 Mar 2005 at 18:51

I am an experienced Freelance Graphic/ Production Artist who has also been an R&D Printer for the Action Sports industry since 1998. I am able to do Index separations, Channel seperations and vector separations. I also have productions skills that allow me to create print sequences and call out proper mesh counts for production dept. I live in Murrieta, CA between Orange County and San Diego.

Program Knowledge:
Windows XP/ MAC OSX Operating Systems
Adobe Illustrator 10/CS
Adobe Photo Shop 7/CS
Quark Express 5
MS Office

Special Skills:
Hand Illustration
Hand Typography
Film Separations
Screen Print R&D

Companies References:
Acoustic Guitar, Arctic Cat, Craig Vetter, Polaris, Porker Pig, Porsche, Skip Barber, White Bothers, Yamaha, Active Ride Shop, Answer Racing, Beach Bums Board Shop, C28 Retail Store, Grenade Gloves, Mission Six/ Monix, MSR Racing, Oakley, Sparco, Von Zipper, and approx. 30 other clients

Location of Opportunity or Item

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