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Posted on Tue, 4 May 2004 at 7:40

I am A Screenprinter with 22 years of experience. I am familiar with all aspects flatbed screenprinting. I can make screens. I can mix inks. Most of my experience has been in high volume point-of-purchase shops. I have an eye for detail and good sense of customer needs. I have exstensive experience in 4 color process UV screenprinting.I have management experience and good leadership skills.If you are looking for a person to supervise a print operation, I am interested in talking to you. If you are looking for a highly skilled printer,I am that and more!

Location of Opportunity or Item


Anonymous says: Call me at 215-740-9792. I would love to talk to you. Dan Fein posted on: Wed, 05/05/2004 - 10:59am

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