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  • Which should you automate first: the chicken or the egg? Why sales and marketing is the logical place to start ramping up your business, and how to do it.
  • Technology is widely available today that will make your most highly paid staff much more productive, improving your customer service as well as your bottom line.
  • Whether your forte is printing business cards or building wraps, this is one trend that should unmistakably be on your mind.
  • Popular, profitable, and often a pain in the neck to print, the latest fashion fabrics can present quite a challenge to shops accustomed to printing standard plastisols on all-cotton garments.
  • Polyester can be a bear to work with if you aren’t prepared, but the rewards are worth the investment. Why not step up your sublimation game?
  • Mixing hues to save a screen sounds like a great idea, but it's not as simple as kindergarten art class.
  • Emerging 3D-print technology allows manufacturers to produce not only physical components, but also the electronics that enable them to function, adding a new wrinkle to additive manufacturing.
  • Digital disruption isn’t new to our industry, but the most recent wave, characterized by highly funded e-commerce companies building new channels of distribution for decorated apparel, may have the most far-reaching implications.