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Recent Stories

  • Though it has become the talk of the industry only fairly recently, single-pass inkjet printing goes back 20 years to a system that demonstrated the enormous potential of the technology.
  • At a time that many high-end garment printers were struggling to produce realistic images in CMYK, an artist took an entirely different approach that would eventually take the industry by storm.
  • Attainable, short-term goals could be the key to success for your business in 2018.
  • Getting from computer screen to printing screen proved to be harder than it first looked.
  • When is the right time to buy into a truly disruptive technology – one with the potential to transform your business? Understanding the process of innovation will help you assess the opportunity as well as your readiness to take the plunge.
  • Great ideas for innovative industrial printing projects often don’t make it to production, a sad and often expensive outcome that can be avoided.
  • Specialty imagers find, once again, that the question of analog versus digital isn’t a black-and-white one. What could be the impact on garment decoration if we leverage the best of both worlds?
  • Don’t run your business day-to-day. Consider what can be done to improve your shop as a whole.