<b>Gilman Brothers Revolutionizes Mounting of Digitally Printed Canvases with MountCor® Canvas</b>

The Gilman Brothers Company

Gilman, CT
United States

The Gilman Brothers Company, Gilman CT has released MountCor® Canvas a permanent, neutral pH adhesive heat activated foamboard. It features total tear strength that will quickly and aggressively bond digitally printed canvases to 3/16" foamboard making it perfect for production projects and long term display. MountCor Canvas bonds at 130°F (54°C) in mechanical and hot vacuum presses for picture framing and 180°F-260°F with rollers at speeds up to 10 ft. per minute.

Its low temperature also makes it safe for all heat sensitive items including laser copies, inkjet (waterborne, UV, solvent and latex), and photographic papers. MountCor Canvas has a thicker adhesive layer than original MountCor allowing it to also bond heavily textured art papers and synthetic media.

Its translucent, gridded release liner allows for easy alignment and protects the adhesive during storage. And its air release technology ensures bubble-free mounting.

For additional information on MountCor products call (800) 852-4220 USA; email: sales@gilmanbrothers.com; www.gilmanbrothers.com