Nazdar Announces Re-Branding

Nazdar SourceOne

Shawnee, KS
United States

Nazdar is pleased to announce a new direction in the branding strategy of the company. The goal of these changes is to allow for the consumer to better identify the structure of Nazdar and understand each division’s name and purpose.
The core elements of change can be shown in two key areas:
1. The company has combined style templates and graphic elements to produce an immediate visual connectivity. These revised templates include all forms of marketing and communication pieces.
2. While the style templates and graphic elements have been combined to reflect one look, colors have also been defined that are unique to each division. This is intended to highlight the differences between each division, while also showcasing the company’s unity.
The combination of these two core changes will create a visual representation of the connectivity of
the company’s divisions, while also noting their differences. The selected colors are shown below.
All divisions will share the well-known black and red, with new colors identified for each division.